12 Inch Drain | Round Top

Drain systems meet USDA, FDA, CFIA Standards and are both
Sanitary and Corrosive Resistant !!!

Sanitary & Hygienic Design Features

Stainless Drain | Round Top
  • 12 Gauge stainless steel body with single piece, seamless, sanitary construction on the Stainless Steel Floor Drains
  • T-304 or 316L stainless construction
  • 12 GA Cement Ring is Standard for concrete setting.
  • 1/2" Top & Lid withstands all heavy equipment traffic 10,000#
  • USDA, FDA, CFIA, CE accepted type 304 SS, Sanitary, Single Piece, Seamless Construction with glass bead blast finish.
  • 1 Perforated Basket
SS Drain | Basket | Cover Plate
Stainless Floor Drains are used most in:
  • Dairy Plants
  • Poultry Processing
  • Meat Plants - Slaughterhouse, Further Process
  • Industrial Process Facilities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Wineries, Breweries, Distillery's

Stainless Trench Drain with Bargrates

There are a lot of options to consider with floor drains in a brewery.  Floor drains, trench drains, equipment drains; they all have their place.  Since these will be set in concrete, they are a permanent part of your infrastructure and should be installed with durability in mind.

What’s better, lots of floor drains or 1 big trench drain?  It all works, so don’t lose sleep over it.  The concrete work is more consistently sloped with a trench drain Vs. lots of different slopes with floor drains.  If you have a high forklift traffic area, smooth and consistent is good.  Floor drains are smaller and are generally cheaper and potentially more durable.

As with most things in a brewery, stainless steel is always better. Pay for it once and it’ll work forever.  But as we all know, money is tight when building a brewery and stainless floor drains are usually not a high priority.

Custom Fabrication

Let us be the solution for your project. With state of the art equipment we can also fabricate food processing equipment, we can do it all.

Shipping Info

  • Large, stocked inventory
  • Same day shipping UPS, FedEx
  • Expedited - Next Day, 2nd Day
  • LTL + Truckloads for large orders


  • In house state of the art CAD drafting capability
  • Latest version of Autodesk Inventor software
  • Wide format color printing/plotting capability