Stainless Steel Floor Drains

High quality Stainless Drains at competitive prices and short lead times.

All stainless drains meet USDA, FDA, CFIA, and CE Standards and are Sanitary, Corrosive, and Heat Resistant !!!

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Most drain styles are in-stock & ready to ship ASAP.

Our name may be, but don't let that limit your thinking about our fabrication capabilities.

We can design and fabricate almost any drain option you will need for your facility, and because all of our drains are made to order, there is never an additional uncharge for customization. We provide fast delivery, often within 15 working days, with expedited order processing for time critical projects.

We have fabricated stainless conveyors, platforms, stairs, tanks, belly flippers, grain cookers, etc.

Where Quality is Strong, Our Drains are Stronger !!!

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