12" Drain with Side Discharge

This clever design allows for connections to be made at a right angle to the main drain line, providing flexibility and simplicity in your plumbing projects.

Stainless Drain with a Side Outlet
Side Outlet Drain with Basket & Cover

Drains meet USDA, FDA, CFIA Standards and are both
Sanitary and Corrosive Resistant !!!


  • Top Plate Size - 12" x 12" Square or Round
  • 12 Ga. Concrete Setting Ring - 2.5" Below Top Plate
  • Outlet Size - 2" | 3" | 4"
  • Outlet Pipe (4" L) - Sch 10 or Sch 40
  • Sump Body Depth - 6.25"

SS Trench DrainStainless Drain Options:


  • Built to Last a Lifetime
  • 1/2" Thick Stainless Top Plate (std)
  • Forklift Rated - 10,000# per ASME 112.6.3
  • 12 GA Body - Seamless Spun
  • Sanitary, Corrosive, and Heat Resistant

Round Top

Product Specification:
CD12RSO-FD: 12 x 6" deep with Side Outlet Discharge, 12 gauge, all type 304 (CF8) stainless steel square industrial floor drain with loose set anti-tilt extra-heavy-duty perimeter drainage cover, 1/2" top plate frame, perforated removable bucket basket with lift handle, pre-sloped bottom sump, and pre-pour concrete stabilizing anchor ring.

Stainless Drain Accessory Options...

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Stainless Covers
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Stainless Hub Drains
Lateral Drain Pipe
Stainless Steel Lateral Pipe Fitting
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Stainless Drain Baskets
Low Profile Drain
Low Profile Stainless Drain
Slotted Cover
Stainless Steel Drain Cover
Stainless Floor Cleanout
Stainless Steel Floor Cleanout
Trap Primer in Drain
Stainless Steel Drain with Trap Primer

Our products are USDA approved and used by industries across the United States.

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