Stainless Drain Brochure

When it comes to drainage systems, is your go-to metal fabricator. We understand the importance of early planning in the design process, which is why we can recommend the best drainage solutions for your facility right from the beginning. Our team is dedicated to providing optimal results while keeping costs, delays, and other issues to a minimum. Let us help you create a drainage system that is tailored to your facility's unique needs.

USDA - FDA Approved Floor Drains

Print version - click here Stainless Steel Floor Drain Brochure

Clean and Sanitary Stainless Steel Floors Drains

Stainless Steel Drain Accessories...
Stainless Steel P-Trap
Stainless Covers
Stainless Drain Covers
Hub Drains
Stainless Hub Drains
Lateral Drain Pipe
Stainless Steel Lateral Pipe Fitting
Stainless Baskets
Stainless Drain Baskets
Low Profile Drain
Low Profile Stainless Drain
Slotted Cover
Stainless Steel Drain Cover
Stainless Floor Cleanout
Stainless Steel Floor Cleanout
Trap Primer in Drain
Stainless Steel Drain with Trap Primer

Custom Fabrication

Let us be the solution for your project. With state of the art equipment we can also fabricate food processing equipment, we can do it all.

Shipping Info

  • Large, stocked inventory
  • Same day shipping UPS, FedEx
  • Expedited - Next Day, 2nd Day
  • LTL + Truckloads for large orders


  • In house state of the art CAD drafting capability
  • Latest version of Autodesk Inventor software
  • Wide format color printing/plotting capability