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Specific Use Drain Designs

Stainless Steel special use floor drain component options are deigned with functional and durability features. Floor Drains are the most visible component of a drainage system and one that is often subject to heavy traffic and harsh chemicals.

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Square Top | Special Use Floor Drain

A membrane clamping drain is used particularly in waterproofing applications. The purpose of a membrane clamping drain is to create a watertight seal around the drainage opening to prevent water from leaking into the underlying structure.

The low profile design is often chosen to meet specific space constraints. Low profile drains find application in various settings, including commercial and industrial environments.

The trap primer is typically a small valve or device connected to the plumbing system that releases a small amount of water into the trap. This ensures that the water seal in the trap is maintained, preventing sewer gases/odors from entering the building.

This design provides flexibility in plumbing installations by allowing connections to be made at a right angle to the main drain line.

Industrial Stainless Steel Floor Drains Stainless Floor Drain Options:

Round Top Drains

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We maintain a large inventory of standard 12" stainless floor drains with 3" | 4" | 6" outlets.