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Stainless Drainage Solutions

Floor drains in the commercial and industrial sector are far more than mere drains. They are meticulously engineered to cater to the unique needs of different industries like food processing, dairy, and wineries. These drains play a vital role in maintaining cleanliness, functionality, and regulatory compliance for such establishments.

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Side Outlet Drain

Often used at the end of drain lines where there is limited slope for drainage.

Stainless Steel Side Outlet Floor Drain Learn more....

Stainless Floor Sinks

Floor Sinks are commonly used in commercial industrial foodservice facilities and can be used in food plants.

Foodservice Floor Sinks | Stainless Steel View details....

Stainless Cleanouts

Stainless anchor flange, membrane clamp ring with primary and secondary peepholes for waterproofing membrane.

Shallow Body Stainless Steel Floor Drain View Details...

SS Floor Drain - Construction Material

All of the variations and material options are applicable to the commercial-industrial stainless steel floor drain units. Besides the kitchen-food preparation areas, stainless steel sanitary floor drains and/or sinks are ideal for breweries, dairies, creameries and similar food processing applications.

The prime considerations which must be addressed when selecting a stainless floor drain are:
1. Sanitation - Will it create any hazardous unsanitary condition or violate a plumbing code?
2. Performance and Safety - Will it safely do the job you want it to do? This pertains to flow and loading characteristics.
3. Aesthetic Considerations - Will it compliment the area where it is to be installed?

Let's review two of the criteria for selection in more depth.

Each floor drain should be designed so that it conforms to existing plumbing code standards. The body must not have hidden crevices and pockets in which food particles and waste matter may lodge. A drain so designed will not encourage the build-up of vermin and offensive odors. The inside of the drain must be free from obstructions which may prevent self-scouring flow through the drain. The drain body and top must be made of materials capable of withstanding the corrosiveness of the waste which will flow into it. In typical applications, the drain material should last the life of the building.

Performance and Safety:
Every floor drain must have a large enough outlet to carry away the anticipated volume of water that will flow into it. A large top is required to insure fast entrance of the surface water into the drain without causing water ponding in the area to be drained.

Industrial Floor Drains

Custom Fabrication

Let us be the solution for your project. With state of the art equipment we can also fabricate food processing equipment, we can do it all.

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