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Craft Brewery building use stainless steel slot drains a lot

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There are a lot of options to consider with floor drains in a brewery. Since these will be set in concrete, they are a permanent part of your infrastructure and should be installed with durability in mind.

Area drains require the floor to be sloped in 4 directions towards the drain body. This can cause unnecessary stress on workers, forklifts, pallet acts, etc. as the floor has many directional slopes. If the floor is not perfectly sloped, then in order to get the water to drain one has to use a squeegee to push the water towards the drain.

Slot Drains provide an economical drainage system with a built in slope in the body of the drain to allow gravity flow to move debris towards a cleanup sump with basket. It is relatively easy for the floor to be sloped by the installer in one direction towards the channel opening. It is also much easier to squeegee water in one direction.

Breweries are normally very crowded with equipment and tank vessels which create hard to clean areas. This is where stainless trough drains play an important role in sanitation. The rooms can be cleaned with high pressure hoses and the water will easily flow into the trench and if these is any debris, it will be collected in the sump area that can be emptied because there is a stainless basket.

Cleanouts and P-Traps could be considered as an insurance policy. You’ll appreciate them when an unfortunate drain issues arise. They provide reliable drain access that help you avoid major maintenance rebuilds, so you don’t have to demolish concrete. Access and clean drain clogs through cleanouts or via traps and both help prevent noxious fumes from backing up into your facility.

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Stainless steel Slot Drain in brewery tank aisle

Your dream is becoming a reality and you’re ready to design and build your brewery. If you take the "Do it Right, Do it Once" route, the foundation components of the brewery is critical. Both the slab and drains should last the lifetime of the building. You can change everything surrounding the floors easily, without long downtimes. This is where high quality, stainless drains earn their value.

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All our drains, from area drains to narrow slot drains, are made to the highest standards and NO rework is required.

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Commercial and Industrial drain fabrication in 12GA T-304 or T-316. Let's work together on your next project.


We maintain a large inventory of standard 12" stainless floor drains with 3" | 4" | 6" outlets.

Our Products are Great For...

Food Industry Floor Drains:
• Meat Processing Plants
• Poultry Processing
• Fish Processing

Industrial Floor Drains:
• Chemical Plants
• Pharmaceutical Plants

Beverage Industry Drains:
• Breweries, Craft Brewery
• Wineries
• Bottling Plants
• Distilleries

Our Drains are Installed in:

Food Industry Floor Drains:
• Meat Processing Plants
• Poultry Processing
• Fish Processing
• Rendering Plants
• Cold Storage Warehouses
• Distribution Centers

Industrial Floor Drains:
• Water and Wastewater
• Power Plants
• Chemical Plants
• Pharmaceutical Plants

Sports Facilities - Drainage:
• Tracks
• Athletic Fields
• Locker Rooms
• Swimming Pools
• Landscape Areas

Commercial Facility Drains:
• Animal Care/Kennels
• Fire Stations
• Marinas
• Auto Dealerships
• Car Washes
• Grocery Stores - Food Warehouses
• Hospitals
• Food Processing: Meat, Poultry, Fish
• Lodging: Hotels, Motels, Inns

Transportation Drains:
• Highways
• Airports
• Ocean Ports
• Rail Terminals
• Parking Lots