Sanitary Floor Drainage Systems

Floor Drain Sanitation is a regulatory, industry standard, customer requirement, and a part of a food safety management system. It is required to produce safe, quality food and protect public health at local, national, regional, and global levels.

A recent US study revealed that about “one-third of the FDA food recalls may relate to the cleaning and sanitation, hygiene, and material-handling practices that are required to maintain proper sanitary conditions within a processing facility for the production of safe and quality food”

Why follow Design & Product Guidlines

Food, Beverage, Dairy processing facilities adhere to hygienic & sanitary clean standards set by federal, state, and local agencies that provide minimum standards in order to pass inspection to sell food products to the public. To learn more about what rules and regulations companies follow, click on one the following:

Industrial Building Floor Drain

Hygienic Solutions

Stainless Steel Sanitary floor drains and floor sinks are ideal for breweries, dairies, creameries and similar food (meat, poultry, fish) processing plants.

The prime considerations which must be addressed when selecting a stainless floor drain are:
1. Sanitation - Will it create any hazardous unsanitary condition or violate a plumbing code?
2. Performance and Safety- Will it safely do the job you want it to do? This pertains to flow and loading characteristics.
3. Aesthetic Considerations- Will it compliment the area where it is to be installed?

Each floor drain should be designed so that it conforms to existing plumbing code standards. The body must not have hidden crevices and pockets in which food particles and waste matter may lodge. A drain so designed will not encourage the build-up of vermin and offensive odors. The inside of the drain must be free from obstructions which may prevent self-scouring flow through the drain. The drain body and top must be made of materials capable of withstanding the corrosiveness of the waste which will flow into it. In typical applications, the drain material should last the life of the building.

Performance and Safety:
Every floor drain must have a large enough outlet to carry away the anticipated volume of water that will flow into it. A large top is required to insure fast entrance of the surface water into the drain without causing water ponding in the area to be drained.

Specific Use Drain Product:

A membrane clamping drain is used particularly in waterproofing applications. The purpose of a membrane clamping drain is to create a watertight seal around the drainage opening to prevent water from leaking into the underlying structure.

The low profile design is often chosen to meet specific space constraints. Low profile drains find application in various settings, including commercial and industrial environments.

Sanitary Process Floor Drains

Custom Fabrication

Let us be the solution for your project. With state of the art equipment we can also fabricate food processing equipment, we can do it all.

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