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With more than 3 decades of experience, our purpose & mission is to provide exceptional service, innovative solutions, and guaranteed satisfaction! Whether you need assistance with a single drain or an entire plant build, we have you covered. Our fast shipping options are available in both the U.S. and Canada, ensuring prompt delivery. Rest assured, all our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Architects, Engineers, Design/Build Firms, Contractors, and growing Companies are our main focus. We capitalize on economies of scale when it comes to our purchasing, enabling us to optimize our operations. While we may face competition from other Drain manufacturers on occasions, our success in securing projects primarily stems from the unparalleled Quality of our Stainless Drains.

To put it simply, The Best Drains for Less !!!

Shop Equipment:

Laser Cutting
(3) 5000 Watt Trumpf Lasers 6’ X 12’
1-1/4” Mild Steel
1” Stainless Steel
3/4” Aluminum
3/8” Titanium and Brass

1/2” X 12’ Shear
1/4” X 10’ Shear
3/8” X 12’ Circle Shear

12’ Seam Welder
Spot Welder
(4) Mig Welding Machines
(22) Tig Welding Machines

66 Ton Ironworker
(2) Bridgeport Mills
15” X 48” Gap Lathe
6" X 18" Surface Grinder

135 Ton Press Brake-12’
190 Ton Press Brake-12’ w/CNC 6 Axis Back Gauge
90 Ton Press Brake w/CNC Back Gauge-8’
60 Ton Press Brake w/CNC Back Gauge-6’

1/4” X 12’ Roller
1/4” X 5’ Roller
10 Gauge x 3’ Roller
75 Ton Punch Press OBI
60 Ton Punch Press OBI
30 Ton Punch Press OBI

State-of-the-Art Material Nesting
3/8” X 12’ Head Flanger
Automatic Feed Bandsaw
Surface Grinder
Skin Packaging Machine
Sand Blast Booth

Quality Driven

All our drains, from area drains to narrow slot drains, are made to the highest standards and NO rework is required.

Built to Last

Commercial and Industrial drain fabrication in 12GA T-304 or T-316. Let's work together on your next project.

Engineered Value

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Functionality
  • Life-Cycle Considerations
  • Collaboration
  • Risk Management

Stainless Steel Drain Accessories...
Stainless Steel P-Trap
Stainless Covers
Stainless Drain Covers
Hub Drains
Stainless Hub Drains
Lateral Drain Pipe
Stainless Steel Lateral Pipe Fitting
Stainless Baskets
Stainless Drain Baskets
Low Profile Drain
Low Profile Stainless Drain
Slotted Cover
Stainless Steel Drain Cover
Stainless Floor Cleanout
Stainless Steel Floor Cleanout
Trap Primer in Drain
Stainless Steel Drain with Trap Primer

Custom Fabrication

Let us be the solution to your next problem. With state of the art equipment we can also fabricate food processing equipment, we can do it all.

Shipping Info

  • Large, stocked inventory
  • Same day shipping UPS, FedEx
  • Expedited - Next Day, 2nd Day
  • LTL + Truckloads for large orders


  • In house state of the art CAD drafting capability
  • Latest version of Autodesk Inventor software
  • Wide format color printing/plotting capability

Do it Right, Do it Once, get Stainless Drains!

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Service! Solutions! Satisfaction!

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