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Made in USA | 304 – 316

Custom Drains offers a full line of commercial grade Stainless Floor Drains to the food, beverage & dairy industry across the USA. Rated for heavy traffic and USDA Approved.

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Long Lasting – Food Safe, Sanitary Design

Standard Designs

Custom Fabrication

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Custom Fabricated

Why do our drains last longer ?

Superior body fabrication – 12 Gauge Seamless Spun.

Material thickness matters when life-cycle is a paramount consideration.

14 Gauge is 28.61% THINNER than 12 Gauge.

How do we ensure Food Safety ?

First, we elevate the hygiene standards of your food processing plant with our exceptional Stainless Floor Drains. Manufactured in the USA with high-quality 304 & 316 Stainless. In full compliance of USDA sanitary standards, we can guarantee a clean and safe working environment.

The Perfect Choice

Food Industry Stainless Steel Floor Drains:
• Meat Processing
• Poultry Processing
• Fish Processing

Commercial & Industrial Facilities:
• Chemical Plants
• Pharmaceutical Plants

Beverages Industry:
• Bottling Plants
• Wineries
Breweries – Craft Brewery
• Distilleries


Our team possesses the skills to identify the most appropriate stainless floor drain solution, but we can also reduce expenses, eliminate delays, and mitigate any potential issues.

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Quality Driven

All of our plumbing products, from area to narrow slot drains, are made to the highest standards and NO rework is required.


We maintain a large inventory of common outlet sizes (3–4–6") for same day shipping.

Our products are USDA approved and used by industries across the United States.

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