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All stainless drains meet USDA, FDA, CFIA, and CE Standards and are both Sanitary and Corrosive Resistant !!!


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We offer the following options for our stainless drain products:
  • Grating
  • Outlets
  • Trap Primer Connector
  • Membrane Clamping & Flashing Collar

Stainless steel drain grates come in a variety of options for our drains. Bar Grate, Slotted, w\Finger Notch, Center Hole, & more.
Drain outlets (2” - 8”) allow for proper flow management for the entire drain system.
Trap Primer (Flush Device)
The trap primer connector can be placed anywhere on the drain.
Flashing Collar & Clamping Device
Flashing collars with clamping device to help secure water-proofing membrane around the stainless steel drain.

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Stainless steel floor drains from CustomDrains.com are created with a sanitary design for Food Equipment and Dairy Industry applications. Our complete drainage systems are built to last, eliminate build-up, and hold up to heavy equipment traffic.  Constructed from 1/2 thick stainless steel, the top flange can be square or round depending on customer preference.  Standard drain sizes are available or we can custom design and manufacture any stainless steel drain to your specifications.
Designed for food equipment and dairy applications, stainless steel floor drains and accessories from CustomDrains.com feature advanced drainage systems.  These drains are built to last, eliminate build-up and hold up to heavy traffic.  Choose from standard drain sizes or a custom design manufactured to your specifications. 

All floor drains include: Body, Basket, Cover Plate

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