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All of our STAINLESS DRAINS are produced in Stainless Steel giving you high quality and long product life-time while requiring minimum maintenance.

Strong and light-weight:
Stainless steel is a strong, durable, pressure and chemical-resistant material. Due to the excellent material properties the weight of our products can be reduced by more than 20% as compared to cast iron making installation fast and easy.

Withstands high temperatures:
Stainless steel can withstand a high degree of vibrations and it functions within a wide scale of temperatures. Being able to withstand temperatures over 800 ∞C, stainless steel can fulfill any demand for hot-water cleaning. In addition, it is a highly fire- resistant material that requires no further fire protection.

Product Advantages:
All of the SS-Drains.com Drainage Systems offer an improved method for removing surface liquids for most applications. The SS-Drains.com Systems offer several advantages over either on-site forming or precast polymer concrete systems.

Lightweight assemblies reduce labor and installation time, eliminate costly leveling/alignment hardware and reduce costly freight charges.

Built-in slope produces superior flow characteristics. Smooth Stainless, non-porous internal surface further enhances flow.

Accessories and ease of modification offer the most versatile trench drainage systems available to satisfy your project requirements.

Fabricated in whole or modular sections are assembled (field weld or flanged) together to produce straight, uniform drainage systems. Options such as Bar-Grate or Solid Cover Peripheral, and combination anchor tabs/leveling devices reduce labor during installation and allow for durable, yet flexible drainage systems.

All illustrations, detail drawings and descriptions refer to standard features of each product and do not necessarily describe or show the variations available. All designs are subject to change without notice and unless specifically stated on order, material will be furnished per design in effect at the time order is processed. All weights are approximate.

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Stainless Drains are installed in:
  • Food processing Plants
  • Wineries
  • Bottling Plants
  • Dairies, Cheese making plants
  • Beverage Industry
  • Chemical Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Plants